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Cohort 21 Graduation

Parents, friends, and family members gathered at the Camp Graduation Ceremony on Saturday to celebrate the achievements of the latest cohort of...

Spring 2023 Banquet

The CAMP Spring 2023 Banquet was recently held to celebrate the achievements of its graduates. The event was a huge success, and attendees,...

CAMP StuCo Enchilada Sale

The Sammy Gurule Memorial Scholarship Fundraiser was held recently, and it was a resounding success. The event received an overwhelming amount of...

Farmworker Awareness Week

The NMSU CAMP hosted a Farmworker Awareness Week from March 25-31, 2023, to raise awareness about the challenges and contributions of the 2.9...

SLC Conference 2023

NMSU CAMP takes a limited number of students to local, state and national conferences/trainings throughout the year. The HEP CAMP Student...

Cohort 19 - 20 Retreat

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some CAMP cohorts were affected in the way they begin the school year. One of those those events being the Beginning...

Graduation Dinner (Fall 2022)

Never Too Late To Celebrate - NMSU CAMP Class 2020, 2021 and 2022 Graduation Dinner

Cohort 21 Retreat

Aspendale Mountain Retreat is a beautiful mountain escape filled with tons of fun activities. Students embarked on a uniquely-customized camp...

Spring Commencement 2022

The 2022 Spring Commencement where fellow CAMPers graduated!

Freshmen Graduation 2022

Graduation dinner at Pete's Patio celebrating the 2022 Spring CAMP graduates

CAMP Banquet 2022

Graduation dinner at Pete's Patio celebrating the 2022 Spring CAMP graduates

17th annual J. Paul Taylor Social Justice Symposium

This year’s virtual 17th annual J. Paul Taylor Social Justice Symposium’s theme is “Cultivando el Futuro (Cultivating the...

Spring Student-Family Meeting

Plática (conversation) with NMSU CAMP Graduate and current doctoral student, Sandra Gutierrez. The topic will be “Empowering the Next...

Fall Commencement

CAMP graduates at the NMSU Fall commencement

Churros, Chocolate , Café and Final Exams Survival Kits

Churros, Chocolate , Café and Final Exams Survival Kits

Graduation Dinner

Graduation dinner at Andele restaurant

Pizza & Game Night

Tune in to the iconic rivalry between NMSU v UNM in an action-packed basketball game. Before the game, we will have dinner at Peter Piper Pizza...

Student-Family Meeting

The annual CAMP Student & Family Meeting.

Mariposas Campesinas

This art installation stems from the 2021 16th Annual J. Paul Taylor Social Justice Symposium, “Justice for Farmworkers.” In March...

Fall Commencement

A ceremony to honor our fellow CAMP graduates.

Impacto 500

CAMP recently celebrated its 500th Student helped with an event including food, music, alumni presenters, and a panel discussing how CAMP had...

CAMP Banquet and Freshmen Graduation

Every Spring semester, CAMP holds a banquet for its graduating students to recognize their achievements. During the last weeks of school, CAMP also...

New Mexico Legislator Shadowing Event

In the New Mexico Legislator Shadowing Event, our students had the opportunity to meet the New Mexico State legislators and learn about what it is...