CAMP Graduates and Stakeholders’ Testimonials

Stakeholders’ Testimonials

“New Mexico State University’s College Assistance Migrant Program provides a critical and exceptional service to the young migrant and seasonal farm workers in New Mexico who pursue higher education.  The program has consistently graduated the majority of its eligible students from college and has helped some go on to and complete graduate school.”  – Former United States Senator Jeff Bingaman, New Mexico
“All too often we focus entirely on the quantitative aspects of student success.  Our CAMP program has demonstrated success in terms of retention and graduation.  I am most impressed by the interpersonal development and dedication of our CAMP students and staff.  Positive differences in the lives of individuals – from a qualitative standpoint, that is what a university degree should provide and it is what I see in the NMSU CAMP program.” – Dr. Greg Fant, Former Associate Vice President and Deputy Provost, New Mexico State University

CAMP Graduates

Dr. Daniel Ramírez-Gordillo, Ph.D. in Biology


CAMP provided me with all the resources that I needed to become an excellent student.  CAMP also prepared me to become a role model for other fellow CAMPers to follow.  In addition, with the leadership workshops, I was inspired to go and make a difference within my community.  Currently, I am working on my Ph. D. and I can truly say that I owe all of my success in academics to the CAMP staff.

-Dr. Daniel Ramírez-Gordillo, Ph.D. in Biology 


Alma Hernández, Bachelor of Individualized Studies





Dear CAMP Staff and CAMP Student Council, I can say that CAMP has been my home and family for the past years. I would like to thank CAMP for all that it has done for me. Over the past years i had to overcome obstacles to achieve an education and pursue my dreams. With the guidance and support of CAMP has brought me to a new place both in my professional and personal life. Even throughout the years, CAMP has never denied me with the help when asked. During my time in CAMP,they have been encouraging, inspirational and motivating. As a member and officer of the CAMP Student Council I have gained the confidence in myself as a woman and leader to blossom along the path of leadership. CAMP, I will never be able to thank you enough! You play a very important part in my career and life development. Thank you for always believing in me.

-Alma Hernández, Bachelor of Individualized Studies


Adrian Cerna, Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing





CAMP will be the main reason I will be graduating this week. They gave me the only chance I needed to continue my dreams and make my family proud. From the day I entered college to my last day at NMSU, CAMP has always been there for me and my family. My parents have always worked long hours to help my siblings and I continue our education but CAMP has been there with them to help us accomplish our goals. CAMP has helped us out with our tuition, books, housing, and as well as encouraging us to study abroad.  CAMP has given us everything we need to complete our undergrad and has also been very supportive with any future goals.  Every time things seem to be getting out of hand, I know I can count on CAMP to help me through those hard times. I can go on and on about CAMP and everything they do but I wouldn’t have enough words to thank them. They are seriously the only reason I am here today and graduating as well as being employed upon graduation. I will never be able to thank the staff enough for their hard work and dedication to the students.  THANK YOU CAMP and the entire staff for being such an amazing organization! I LOVE YOU! Thank you for helping me reach my goals and making my family proud.

-Adrian Cerna, Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing  

Claudia Elizalde, Bachelor of Science in Family and Child Science

CAMP not only provided financial assistance, the staff also helped incoming freshman feel like they belong in a family.  CAMP staff personally helped me by providing emotional support and making me feel like I was home.

-Claudia Elizalde, Bachelor of Science in Family and Child Science

Jorge Rodríguez, Bachelor of Criminal Justice and Bachelor of Arts in Foreign Languages (Spanish)


I had an amazing support network from friends, family, and most of all the CAMP Program. Not only has CAMP demonstrated their interest in my success, but they have facilitated furthering my education. I am now pursuing a Master Degree in Criminal Justice, where I plan to pursuit a career in borderland social issues. I wish to represent the potential to which CAMP can help students achieve with hard work and determination.

-Jorge Rodríguez, Bachelor of Criminal Justice and Bachelor of Arts in Foreign Languages (Spanish) 

Erika Martínez, Master of Education


My senior year was very difficult for me because I had reached my goal of graduating; however, I was also devastated because I could not find employment.  Once more the CAMP program came to the rescue and assisted with tuition for Graduate School.  I’m currently employed as a high school teacher, and I can say that CAMP has opened many gateways of opportunities for me.  Lastly, CAMP has transformed me professionally and personally and I can never be grateful enough for all they have done for me and my academic success.” 

-Erika Martínez, Master of Education

Branden Ibarra, Bachelor of Arts in Government

After the completion of my freshman year, CAMP was still my closest ally in achieving my ultimate goal of graduation. I can speak with the utmost sincerity that the contributions made by the College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP) made my dream of graduating from a university a reality. I am eternally grateful for the contributions made by my family at CAMP; without their support my academic endeavors would have forever remained a dream.

-Branden Ibarra, Bachelor of Arts in Government