Peer Mentors (COMPAS)

COMPAS Cultivating Opportunities through Mentoring and Promoting Academic Success

Being a college freshman has its challenges and a helpful hand from our peers is warmly accepted. The peer mentoring program at CAMP, also known as the COMPAS Program, matches students with program alumni to assist facilitating a smoother transition throughout the first year. The COMPAS (peer mentors) meet with their compitas (mentee) on a regular basis for various activities including tutoring, cultural events, workshops and exploring campus resources. The goal is to foster lasting friendships that benefit both the Compita and COMPA.


Freshman Responsibilities:

  •  Meet with your COMPA at least once a week.
  •  Attend at least one cultural, theatre or art performance each semester with your COMPA.
  •  Attend at least one community or university leadership lecture each semester with your COMPA.
  •  Attend other workshops and presentations with your COMPA.
  •  Communicate with your COMPA any problems that may arise.
  •  Attend any other activities you and your COMPA have planned.

2019-2020 COMPAS

Emmanuel I. Galvan:
Masters of Curriculum & Instruction (Elementary Education)
Paulina Ledezma:
Business Management with a minor in in Business Law
Abdu Sandoval:
Music Education
Perla Aguilar:
Government with a minor in International Relations
Jovanni Gomez:
Criminal Justice with a minor in Spanish
Rene Rodriguez:
Criminal Justice & Psychology
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