CAMP Events


Fall 2019 Commencement










Visit from Congresswoman Xochitl Torres Small





Representative Xochitl Torres Small visited the CAMP office for a tour and a discussion with CAMP students about the impact it makes in their college career.

New Mexico Legislator Shadowing Event


In the New Mexico Legislator Shadowing Event, our students had the opportunity to meet the New Mexico State legislators and learn about what it is that they do on a daily basis. 

CAMP Banquet and Freshmen Graduation 










Every Spring semester, CAMP holds a banquet for its graduating students to recognizes their achievements. During the last weeks of school, CAMP also hosts a graduation ceremony for their freshmen students where they are given recognition for completing their first year of college and are encouraged to keep pursuing their academic goals. 










CAMP recently celebrated it’s 500th Student helped with an event including food, music, alumni presenters, and a panel discussing how CAMP had assisted those students in their lives.


 Cesar Chavez Blood Drive

The Cesar Chavez blood drive is held every spring semester in honor of Cesar Chavez. All of the CAMP programs in the US participate in this event, and a award is given  to the program that acquires the largest amount of donations. 


 Southwest HEP CAMP Student Leadership Conference


The CAMP/HEP Leadership Conference is held every spring. This event is a great opportunity for our CAMP Students to develop their leadership skills by interacting with other CAMP students and mentors. This conference consist of a series of workshops designed to challenge team work and collaboration among the students, which in return improves their leadership skills.